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Mer de Glace


The Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) is a glacier located on the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc massif, in the Alps. At 7 kilometres long and 200 metres deep, it is the longest glacier in France.[1]



It originates at an elevation of 2,400 metres where it is fed by the confluence of Glacier du Géant, Glacier de Lechaud and Cascade du Talèfre, north of Mont Tacul, and descends to 1,400 metres. It flows north-north-west between Aiguille du Moine on the east and Trélaporte on the west. Le Grand Dru lies to the north east. It was once easily visible from Chamonix, but has been shrinking and is now barely visible from below.



In the 18th and 19th centuries the glacier descended all the way down to the hamlet of Les Bois,[2] where it was known as Glacier des Bois. At that time the river Arveyron emerged from the glacier under a grotto-like vault (grotte d'Arveyron)[3] and attracted painters and later photographers, for example Joseph Mallord William Turner's "Source of the Arveron in the Valley of Chamouni Savoy", 1816. The position of its front end fluctuated over the years but its maximum extent was in the mid-19th century

The Mer de Glace will be the starting point of our expedition.



Mer de glace

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